[V Report Plus] GFriend’s Umji knows Yerin best

Nancy Oh, March 8, 2017, 10:09 a.m.

GFriend on Tuesday aired a pop quiz about how the members conducted among themselves.

Umji correctly answered all three questions, earning a prize at the end.

The questions were about Yerin’s personal details. 

To a question about which salve Yerin uses most frequently, Sowon guessed a salve for burns, Shinbi said regeneration cream, Eunha guessed fucidin ointment and Umji said scar treatment salve -- the correct answer.

On how many dolls Yerin has on her bed, multiple guesses were thrown around but Umji scored the right one again -- 14.

Regarding what pills Yerin takes when she has not had anything to eat, Eunha guessed vitamins, but Umji said lactic acid, which was correct.

“I saw her take the lactic acid tablets in the morning,” Umji said, defending herself against accusations that she had peeked at the answers.

She was given one of the dolls from Yerin’s bed as a prize.

GFriend released its fourth mini album “The Awakening” on Monday.

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