[V Report Plus] Kim Jae-joong gives honest answers in good night broadcast

Thomas Park, April 27, 2017, 9:39 a.m.

Kim Jae-joong took to the V app Wednesday to say good night to viewers.

“I’m traveling across Gangwon area these days. I just decided to begin the broadcast from a lodge to say good night to you,” the artist said.

Fans were curious about his appearance and the singer’s plans before bedtime.

One viewer asked whether he had on lipstick, as his lips appeared quite red. The artist said that his lips are naturally pink but become redder when he is tired.

“I’ll go to bed after eating ramen. You can go ahead and sleep first!” Kim said. “You will be able to see my swollen face tomorrow.”

During the 20-minute broadcast, the 31-year-old artist also replied honestly to almost all of the viewers’ questions.

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