Verbal Jint Announces That He Will Be Heading Towards Independent Label

Ben Cho, Nov. 10, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

Rap artist Verbal Jint seems to have a lot on his mind lately, as he continues to plan on how to create a successful label with the goal of having a direct part in the cultivation of future big time stars and artists. On November 9th, a representative from Brand New Music commented, "The establishment of Verbal Jint's independent label was made possible with Rhymer's (Brand New Music's president) active support and assistance. In the future, Verbal Jint will continue to promote under Brand New Music, but with the expanded role as the head of the new independent label, he will lend full support for the artists who shares his vision for music." 


He continued on to add, "The exact name of the label and the musical styles have yet to be confirmed, but it's certain that [the music] won't necessarily be limited to hip hop and that Verbal Jint will be joined by other artists talented who share his musical inclination and preference. With the initiation of this independent label, Verbal Jint's new full-length LP “Go Hard” will be jointly produced with Brand New Music. It's anticipated that the album will be filled with Verbal Jint's color and personality." 


Verbal Jint’s skill and talent for music definitely makes him the perfect man for this job, and will definitely help him keep a keep sight of the goal. Stay updated on his new album release!

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