Victims of Ferry Disaster Allowed to Testify Via Video Feed

kpopluv, June 25, 2014, 9:45 a.m.

The trial is underway for the captain and crew of the ferry Sewol which capsized off of the southwest coast of Korea on April 16th, killing almost 300.  Students from Danwon High School who survived the April 16 ferry disaster will give their testimony in the trial of the ferry's captain and crew for homicide through willful negligence. 

They will testify in Ansan south of Seoul via video link while the trial is held a four-hour car ride away in Gwangju in the southwestern part of the country.  Announcing the schedule of the next trial for the crew, the court said it will allow the students to testify by video link as they are suffering from trauma after the accident and should not be forced to travel long distances.

The court will hear the testimonies of 10 to 20 youngsters on July 28-30 after their final exams are finished. Steps will be taken to ensure that there is no chance of the students coming into contact with the captain and crew. 

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