Victoria officially denies dating rumors

Lena Kim, April 20, 2016, 10:05 a.m.

Singer-actor Victoria of f(X) made an official announcement over the recent dating rumors through Weibo on Tuesday. Lately, rumors have spread over the Internet that the 29-year-old musician is in a relationship with her manager. With malicious commentators joining in, Victoria’s studio stepped out to put an end to the mess.

Below is the translation of the announcement:

We, Victoria’s studio, are making the following announcement regarding the recent rumors which has done great harm to Victoria reputation and dignity.

Several Weibo accounts who are seeking profit have created rumors accusing Victoria of being in a relationship with her manager, with the news quickly circulating over the Internet. Due to this, the public was misled, with many leaving malicious comments criticizing her. Victoria’s image and her reputation has been greatly damaged. She is unable to carry out her normal life or her work under such a situation.

Our studio is making the following statement to restore Victoria’s personal reputation and protect the artist’s dignity.

First, the rumor mentioned above is baseless. The news is simply false, and it was made with malicious intent. We firmly ask to halt any acts which infringe upon the celebrity’s rights and to delete all related articles over the matter.

Second, our studio would like to make sure that both media outlets and the public are aware of the legal action which may be taken and are able to stop the spread of the rumor.

On behalf of Victoria, our studio would like to thank the public for the love and attention toward the artist. Victoria will also promise to repay the love with sincerity and integrity.

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