Viewers Consider New Drama “Ddanddara” Starring Hyeri and Ji Sung a Failure

Nicholas Kim, April 21, 2016, 10:50 a.m.

The viewer reactions for the new SBS drama “Ddanddara” have not been great. The first episode aired yesterday on April 20th, and the show received the lowest viewer ratings amongst all other programs aired in the same time slot. Nielsen Korea repoted that “Ddanddara” received a viewer rating of 6.2%. This is an increase over the previous drama “Come Back Mister”, but still a very low number, and the feedback has not been positive.


Viewers have stated that the problem lies with the far-too-obvious storyline of the drama, as well as the awkward performances from multiple actors. Other viewers complained about Hyeri’s acting, stating that she was a poor choice to play the female lead. It was also said that Hyeri’s chemistry with Ji Sung was non-existent, and that they were a poor choice for the lead couple.


Viewers seem to be disappointed overall about the drama, and seem to predict that the drama will be going downhill with poor viewer ratings.

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