Vivian doesn't want to taint cousin Yuri's name

Chloe Park, April 25, 2016, 12:11 p.m.

Model Vivian is full of charms for her first ever photo shoot for 'International bnt'. Although she was constantly labeled as "someone's cousin", Vivian is starting to gain her own separate fame from her cousin Yuri from Girls' Generation as she is well on her way to 100K followers on Instagram and receiving various love calls from major TV broadcasters and fashion and beauty industries.

Vivian showed a different appearance and charm for four different concepts for the pictorial. The first concept was casual, as she wears a denim dress with a simple makeup and hairstyle. Another photo she is seen wearing a striped top with a denim slip.

Next, she is shown wearing a button-down skirt with a navy blue top with a white outer shearing on the neckline. She shows a very innocent, yet dreamy expression in her photos.

Vivian shows the elegance and loveliness of the perfect girl as she wears a loose pink knitted sweater with a see-through skirt for the last concept.

"Before I started working [in this field], I received a lot of offers before but I never took them because I was focused on school. I'm just slowly starting now and doing it on my own, and not by using Yuri's name. Since it's only the beginning, I feel pressured and determined to do my very best so I don't give Yuri a bad name."

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