VIVIDIVA Releases Two Teaser Video for Upcoming Debut

D-Bo , Jan. 16, 2015, 2:58 p.m.

The live performance rookie idol group VIVIDIVA is preparing to make their debut, and have released two teaser videos to let their fans know! VIVIDIVA mainly focuses on live performances on small stages at populated areas around Seoul, such as Daehangno.


The group has finally decided to make their official debut, which will definitely help them to build a much stronger presence and help their publicity. The group hopes to achieve better communication with their fans by officially establishing themselves as well.


A representative from DN Entertainment commented, "Through communication and performances, I hope that they will become a vivid girl group who will remain next to us. VIVIDIVA is a group that was created based on values, and they will be performing every day in small theaters, communicating with their fans and viewers. Fans can go see their idols whenever they want and be more in touch with them."


The showcase for VIVIDIVA is set for March, and their first season for live theater performances titled “VIVIDIVA EpisodeS” is currently set to premiere on March 11. You heard it here at!

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