VIXX and MONSTA X Battle 2 v 2 in ‘Overwatch’

David Song, Nov. 8, 2016, 8:16 a.m.

Jung Dae Man has returned with a new episode featuring idols facing off on popular video games! VIXX and MONSTA X currently are matched up against each other as the two opposite teams for ‘Overwatch’, and this time it’s going to be a two versus two matchup! Member Hongbin finally takes command as he teams up as Hyuk’s partner for VIXX, facing off against MONSTA X’s Minhyuk and Kihyun.


Although Hongbin decides to use character Tracer instead of his usual favorite Hanzo, he takes the advantage against the two MONSTA X members quickly. Minhyuk manages to take Tracer down still, at which point Hongbin jumps in to clean house. His talent surprises Minhyuk to the point where he yelled out, ‘Hanzo is super good!’


VIXX took round one home, with MONSTA X beginning to see just how unfair the matchup was, with veteran player Hongbin at the controls. In the second round, Kihyun switches spots with I.M, who tries to make Hyuk lose focus by feeding him a spicy hot bar.


None of MONSTA X’s tricks seem to work however, as VIXX dominates them in both rounds. It looks like next week will be a little more fair, with MONSTA X facing off against Hongbin in a two versus one battle. Stay tuned!

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