VIXX fans enraged over SBS news bringing up past controversy

June Kang, Aug. 16, 2016, 10:01 a.m.

VIXX fans, also known as Starlights, are currently enraged over the eight o’clock SBS News bringing up a past controversy of the boy group, in light of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany’s recent controversy over posting a Japanese flag emoticon on Instagram and utilizing a Tokyo Snapchat geo-filter that shows the “rising sun” symbol on Korea’s National Liberation Day.

On the August 15th airing of the eight o’clock SBS News, VIXX’s controversy from 2013 was brought up – an issue that arose from one of their ‘VIXX TV’ clips. In the clip, Ravi and N were seen shopping for hats in Japan, selecting a few that featured a design resembling the rising sun symbol. After the controversy came to light, VIXX’s music label Jellyfish Entertainment issued an apology for not editing out the controversial scene.

Starlights are infuriated over the fact that not only was a past issue that was cleared up brought up again, those who weren’t aware of the controversy that happened three years ago assume that the issue is current, just as Tiffany’s. Fans are upset that VIXX is on the receiving end of negative attention, especially since they’re set to make a comeback this week with ‘Fantasy’.

Netizens are also in a hot debate over whether the symbol on the hats were of the Japanese rising sun flag or of the VF-111 American fighter squadron flag.

What are your thoughts on this controversy?
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