VIXX have officially made their comeback with 'EAU DE VIXX'!

Jun Ko, April 17, 2018, 4:06 p.m.

VIXX are officially back! With the release of their album 'EAU DE VIXX', they held a comeback showcase at the YES24 Live Hall on April 17th! It was available for fans all around the world to view as it was broadcasted on 'V'live! Being a comeback showcase, VIXX had given their fans the first performance of their title track 'Scentist' (a combination of 'scent' and 'artist')! 

In addition to their performance, VIXX also held a talk session where they talked about their 7th anniversary, their contracts with Jellyfish Entertainment, their upcoming military enlistments, and more! 

VIXX's leader, N, shared just how meaningful this album was to him. He revealed that VIXX didn't start off within the spotlight. They had grown little by little before getting to where they are now and he felt that it made VIXX stronger and helped them by allowing them to show good music and performances. "I felt like crying when I heard we were releasing a full album. This album felt unreal to me." 

They also opened up about their contracts with Jellyfish Entertainment. Hongbin shared, "When we first signed the contract, we all thought that we were going to renew without question. But because each member might have their own plans on what they want to do, we had a discussion on what everyone wants to do. We all had the same thought of wanting to stay together. But since contract renewal also depends on the company, so we have to discuss it with them too." 

When it came to the topic of their upcoming military enlistment, N answered, "Leo and I are the closest to the enlistment period. It's a natural progression of what has to happen, so there's nothing much we can say about it. There's a lot of events that will happen in the future, but we hope that right now people will enjoy and remember this album." 

Check out their performance of their title track 'Scentist' below!

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