VIXX LR Releases “Making Of” and “Album Jacket” Video for “Beautiful Liar”

Sensitive Artist, Sept. 2, 2015, 10:25 a.m.

VIXX’s very first sub-unit VIXX LR has just released two special videos for their recent track release “Beautiful Liar”! The group released a “making of” video showing them hard at work filming the music video with a behind the scenes look, and the second video shows the two posing for photos to be used in their album jacket.


Both Leo and Ravi have made a very impressive influence with their mini-album, which they were responsible for composing and writing all 5 tracks for. The two took home their first ever win for “Beautiful Liar” on “The Show” yesterday. The two videos will give fans a close look at the effort and talent that went into making the music video.
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