VIXX’s Leo, Ravi pass out during Mexico concert (Full Translation)

Nicholas Kim, May 23, 2016, 9:09 a.m.

Leo and Ravi of K-pop sextet VIXX passed out during a concert in Mexico on Monday, according to local media outlets. They had to be hospitalized and all their activities are halted for the moment. The following is the full transcript from their agency:

This is an announcement from Jellyfish Entertainment.

We would like to update everyone as fans are worried by the news of Leo and Ravi passing out during today’s Mexico concert.

Due to the high altitude of the concert location and the hot environment of the auditorium, the two showed signs of dizziness and could no longer carry on with the concert. 

Afterwards, four of the band’s members continued with the performance as they wished to keep their promise to fans.

After being given first aid from the local medical team, the two members are in the process of recovery.

Leo and Ravi will cancel all their plans in Mexico and return to Korea after receiving medical treatment at a hospital.

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