VIXX’s Ravi Poses for International bnt

Hyo Kyung Kim, Jan. 18, 2016, 6:15 p.m.

VIXX member Ravi si the latest idol to be featured in the fashion publication International bnt.  After the hot photo shoot, he sat down for the interview in which he said, "This is a photo shoot I took part in alone since the unit promotions, so it was enjoyable and fun.  I was in a lot of shoots during the LR unit [promotions], but this is my first time alone." When asked what he does during free time, Ravi replied, "I don't enjoy resting very much, so I'm the type who works even when I get a break."  That's some work ethic.  He continued, "I don't think is the time to thoughtlessly rest yet, so I try to do some more work."

The next question mentioned his hardened expression in airport pictures of him leaving the country.  He explained, "Because it's the airport, I am the type who is concerned about safety, so I try to decrease conversation with fans at the airport.”

He also relayed that he dreamed of becoming someone like Chris Brown after watching his video in the third grade.  Before that, he had dreamt of being the bodyguard for his sibling, who was two years younger.  That's adorable!  He continued to relay that he still gets nervous before a broadcasting camera.  While he wouldn't be awkward on stage, he is too nervous to speak before the camera on TV shows.

"After deciding to become a singer in third year of middle school, I prepared by myself, and then I was cast in my current agency after they saw me perform in my third year of high school," he revealed.  "After preparing for about a year, I got to debut."

He said he didn't consider any idols to be a rival to VIXX, explaining that rather than feeling competitive, he would feel stimulated by other idols.  Regarding Hongbin in his new drama, Ravi said, "I personally feel awkward and burdened toward acting, so I feel no ambition there.  I can't personally get myself immersed in it."

Kim Won Sik, better known by his stage name Ravi, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and producer, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. He is the main rapper of the South Korean boy group VIXX, and VIXX sub-unit VIXX LR.

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