Vogue Features Jo Kwon for the Musical Priscilla

D-Bo , June 26, 2014, 8:09 a.m.

Jo Kwon of 2AM is a main character in the upcoming musical Priscilla, where he plays the role of a gay drag queen.  His character within the musical is named Adam, who goes under the alias Felicia as a drag queen. 
He quoted, "No matter what anybody says, I prepared and studied extremely hard for this role," he said in relation to his character in the musical. "Portraying feelings through the lyrics is not different from what I do as a singer, but the musical is a lot more dramatic.  I can only be expressive as long as I fall deeply into the character and so I am becoming more and more immersed every day.  My Adam will be the sexiest Adam.  Look forward to it!"
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