Wale is angry at accusations of having used BTS for fame

Richard Kim, June 26, 2017, 4:16 p.m.

Recently, many fans accused rapper Wale of using BTS, specifically Rap Monster, as a way to gain fame. Fans have been tweeting at him saying that his collaboration with Rap Monster was made so that Wale could gain international attention and fame. In response to these attacks, Wale decided to leave replies to these tweets and gave his side of the story. 

While some of the tweets are deleted, it can still be seen how angry Wale was at these accusations considering he is an established hip-hop artist himself. Below are some tweets that he sent out in response to the hate comments. 

However, many ARMY's also defended Wale and said that the hate towards him came from anti-fans. These tweets included fans asking him to "please ignore the bad comments...ARMY want you to collaborate with namjoonie" and "we love you, thank you for being a part of the boys' lives." 

Rap Monster and Wale collaborated previously in March with their song "Change" after reaching each other through social media. They were going to possibly collaborate again, but according to the tweets, Wale will now refuse to because of the hate he received. 

What do you think about the situation? 

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