Wanna One under fire for inappropriate words during a livestream

Jun Ko, March 19, 2018, 3:36 p.m.

In the midst of a live broadcast, Wanna One were seen shouting out inappropriate remarks. The group had shown up on a live broadcast for Mnet's 'Star Live', just four hours before their album '0+1=1' dropped for their fans to view. The first comments that they shouted out spoke of their displeasure and was relatively tame; Kang Daniel shouted out, "Why aren't we getting our payment?" with Park Ji Hoon adding, "Why are we only getting 20%?" Ong Seung Wu also tossed in his two cents with, "Why aren't we getting any sleep? Why do we not have any freedom?" 

It was then a female staff member spoke up with, "Okay, guys. Let's get to our position for the live broadcast." It ended up going downhill from that point as Park Ji Hoon interrupted her with, "I'm going to reveal my phone number." Kang Daniel shouted out, "I pooped this morning." Ha Sung Woon added in, "I better curse now in advance. Fxxk, fxxk, fxxk, fxxk." Lai Kuan Lin also called out a sasaeng, "Sorento (a car brand), what were you doing below our home yesterday? Stop coming to our house." It wasn't heard clearly, but fans also believed that they heard a member shout out, "Jerk off only the pretty ones!" 

It was presumed from fans that Wanna One wasn't aware of the live broadcast, which was why they had said those things. But as it was aired live, criticisms piled up on them from both netizens and fans. 

Some of the comments from the fans were: "I didn't vote on 'Produce 101' to see this. I didn't buy multiple copies of your debut album and other albums to see this. I've set the alarm to hear your song at exactly 6PM but the consequence of my waiting is too heavy. I hope they realize their wrongdoings and apologize properly. Seriously." 

"I mean, even if they didn't know the broadcast was going on, how could they talk like that in front of staff members who are the same age or older than them? And what's with cursing ahead of time... I just think that they're these type of kids now. It's not that their lost their initial mindset. You can see the person by their words, you know TT TT."

"I can't believe these are the kids who were begging for their debut. Did they want to debut or just become landlords."

"Bye. They act like they're superstars right in front of the staff. I mean, now bad were they for the staff to accidentally broadcast that? Never knew the characters of a group selected by the citizens were like this... So disappointed."

With displeasure and criticisms spreading far, Wanna One, YMC Entertainment, and Mnet officially apologized for the events in the live broadcast. 

Wanna One apologized with, "We apologize for showing a bad side of us and disappointing the fans with our live broadcast. We will reflect on our actions and work hard to become a mature and modest Wanna One who's always cautious about all of our actions. We will never forget the overwhelming love you send us and we will work hard to show a better side of us. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing disappointment and concerns." 

YMC Entertainment added on with, "We apologize that a displeasing incident occurred while preparing for the live broadcast. We apologize for causing concerns to the fans who are loving and supporting Wanna One ahead of their comeback. We also think it's unfortunate that the words that weren't said during the broadcast are being spread around. We will be attentive from now on in order to prevent such incident from happening again. Please give attention and love to Wanna One so they can achieve their dreams until the very end." 

Mnet also made an apology to both Wanna One and their fans, "We deeply apologize to Wanna One, their fans, and YMC Entertainment for the issues regarding the live broadcast. We will improve our service so such incident doesn't occur in the future. Once again, we deeply apologize to Wanna One, fans of Wanna One, and YMC Entertainment." 

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