Watch ALL the Performances from the Lunar New Year Special 'Muscle Queen Project'

Anna Park, Feb. 10, 2016, 9:22 a.m.

KBS's recent airing of their Lunar New Year special program 'Muscle Queen Project' featured AOA's Chanmi, G.NA, TWICE's Jungyeon, Dal Shabet's Subin, Kahi, Stephanie, Insooni, 9MUSES's Kyung Ri, Hello Venus's Nara, and trainers Jung Ah Reum, Shim Eu Ddeum, Oh Hyun Jin, Kwon Do Ye, Hyung Joo Hyun, and Song Ah Reum!

The premise of the pilot program involves the celebrity participants pairing up with a fitness trainer who mentors them in cooking up a fitness-related dance performance. The February 9th episode showed TWICE's Jungyeon teaming up with veteran singer Insooni, who is almost 40 years her senior. Despite the age difference, the ladies were able to eventually get comfortable with each other and put on a fun performance to J.Y. Park's 'Who's Your Mama?' and the Jessi J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj hit track 'Bang Bang'.

Sexy singer and former After School member Kahi showcased a stunning pole dance performance with her instructor Oh Hyun Jin. Although Kahi initially had a hard time gripping the pole, the professional entertainer was able to get the hang of it, despite getting wounds and scars on her legs due to pressing them against the pole so much.

Singer and professional ballet dancer Stephanie paired up with fitness trainer Shim Eu Ddeum, who's famous for her "apple hips". The ladies put on a sexy performance accentuating both of their fit physiques, focusing on moves that work on and tighten your bottom!

Trainer Song Ah Reum, known to teach weight training for the perfect bikini body, and Dal Shabet's Subin joined together for a dynamic performance! The girls put their forces together for an exciting stage utilizing an exercise ball.

Sexy soloist G.NA teamed up with equally sexy fitness trainer Jung Ah Reum to put on a fitness performance focusing on resistance bands. The ladies showed off their tight figures and stood out among the rest by having male trainers on the stage as well. Jung Ah Reum stated, "We put together a three-minute routine that anyone can follow along to."

AOA's Chanmi wowed the crowd with her flying yoga performance with her mentor Hyung Joo Hyun! Chanmi had never done flying yoga before and truly struggled to get used to the hammock. Despite the short amount of training time, her hard work really showed when she was able to put on a fantastic performance in the end. The ladies did flying yoga to the theme song of Disney's 'Frozen'. After her performance, Chanmi was brought to tears after Hong Suk Chun, a member of the judging panel, complimented her for her hard work and great stage.

You can also catch 9MUSES's Kyung Ri and Hello Venus's Nara's performances below, here on Koogle TV! Which was your favorite performance?

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