Watch AOA’s Jimin on Her Appearance on Radio Star

kpopluv, July 22, 2015, 9:55 p.m.

AOA member Jimin recently made an appearance on the hit variety talk show Radio Star.  On this episode, the MCs brought up what may be a sensitive topic for Jimin. They asked her whether there were any conflicts between her and fellow 'Unpretty Rapstar' contestants Cheetah and Jessi, to which Jimin answered with, "At one point, yes. Not with Cheetah but with Jessi." 

The idol elaborated, "During a team mission, Jessi's team had placed first and my team placed second but Jessi wasn't able to accept it. She said something in English and I was able to understand a little of what she saidI got upset that this scenario was being filmed. In the end I left the set." 

Kim Gu Ra told Jimin, "Jessi is a free spirit that does whatever she wants. The next time she says something in English, then blurt a reply in Chinese," giving the idol some sound advice. Fortunately, whatever past hard feelings existed between Jessi and Jimin have all but dissolved, or so Jimin said. The idol attested to the two's friendship by telling the MCs, "Now I ask Jessi how she's doing once in a while. At times, she calls me and tells me to stay humble." 

Contrary to what Jimin said, it maybe a bit awkward between the two rappers, as Jimin was clearly flustered when the MC panel asked her to send a video message to Jessi. Jimin looked hesitantly into the camera and said in haltering speech, "Uh, Jessi unnie, I miss you. I'm wondering if you are well," ending her brief message with an awkward wave good bye, making the hosts burst into laughter. 

Shim Jimin better known as simply Jimin, is a South Korean idol singer and rapper. She is best known for being the leader and main rapper of the South Korean girl group AOA under FNC Entertainment.

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