Watch HyunA's closing act at the Viral Fest Asia in Bali

Hannah Kim, July 18, 2016, 10:49 a.m.

Former 4Minute member HyunA was the closing act for the music festival Viral Fest Asia on Saturday in Bali, Indonesia. During an interview with WEBTV Asia after the festival, HyunA revealed that Viral Fest Asia was the first time she had performed on stage since 4Minute disbanded. On top of that, being the closing act at such a big festival had made her extremely nervous.

HyunA also told the media that when she stepped up on stage, the audience had gathered to the front and started singing along with her, which eased her nerves and made the experience memorable.

HyunA performed the five tracks “Roll Deep,” “Change,” “Bubble Pop!” “Ice Cream” and “Red.” 

Watch her performance here: 

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