Watch Park So Hyun Identifies Freckles on Our Favorite Male Idols

Hyo Kyung Kim, Feb. 6, 2016, 12:40 p.m.

On the latest episode of MBC’s People of Full Capacity, Park So Hyun shared her knowledge of her k pop male idols by pointing out the facial features of them.  The MCs brought out pictures of male idols with their beauty marks removed and had Park So Hyun draw them in with a marker. She shocked everyone when the original pictures were brought out; when they compared the originals to Park So Hyun's marker drawn pictures, they found that each beauty mark was EXACTLY where it was supposed to be!

Park So Hyun continued to educate the audience by discussing idols with beauty marks in unique places. She excitedly told the audience, "WINNER's Mino, who made a comeback on February 1st, has a unique beauty mark on the bottom tip of his nose, slightly off-center," and proceeded to mark the place with a marker. Once again, when compared to the original, it was SPOT ON!

She continued to cover other idols, but really shocked the audience with GOT7's JB eyebrow piercing. She revealed, "Many People think JB has a double piercing above his eyebrow but he doesn't. In fact they're beauty marks as well!"


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