Watch the Clips of the Ladies of ‘Real Men’ Take on Chemical Warfare Training

kpride, Sept. 1, 2014, 11:54 a.m.

‘Real Men’ is South Korean variety Show featuring eight male celebrities as they experience life in the Korean military, which is mandatory for all Korean men for two years.  As part of a twist, the last two episodes have featured seven female celebrities as they take on the training challenges of the military. 

The ladies of the female brigade of 'Real Men' got to experience what is possibly one of the most infamous training exercises in the South Korean military - the chemical warfare training, where a squad is locked inside a concrete room, which is then pumped full of tear gas!


Although the intensity was lessened to compensate for the female soldiers, that didn't stopG.NA and Hyeri from sprinting out the door, tears in their eyes and drool coming out of their mouths. The fact that their masks weren't attached properly didn't help!


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