Watch the Performances from MBC’s Duet Song Festival

AJ Lee, May 6, 2016, 4:27 p.m.

The singing variety program on MBC known as Duet Song Festival is gaining much popularity.  Duet is a 2016 South Korean television program hosted by Sung Si-kyung, Yoo Se-yoon and Baek Ji-young. It airs on MBC on Fridays beginning April 8, 2016. The first to go up was the Hyosung and Kim Yong Hee team.

The two performed "Girls' Generation" as if they were performing on the stage for a musical.  They gathered a total of 352 votes.

The second team was Younha and Kim Tae Hyung.  The two performed Kim Kwang Suk's "Around Thirty," garnering a total of 375 votes to take the lead.  The third stage was Sungjae and Jung Ji Sun, performing "Love Rain", gathering 415 votes to take the lead. The next stage was by the winners of last week, Sandeul and Jo Sun Young.  They performed "Road," collecting a total of 436 votes, taking the lead from Sungjae's team. The next stage was Ken and Choi Sang Yup performing, "I Want to Fall in Love." Unfortunately, they fell short from taking the lead by a mere two points.

The last stage was by Cho PD and Cho Hyung Won performing a mix of Seo Taiji's "To You" and "Come Back Home" for an exciting stage!  Cho PD impressed by not only rapping but also singing - however, this was not enough as the two only gathered 408 points.

In the end, the winner for the second week in a row was Sandeul's team!  Unfortunately, he won't be in next week's episode because of his schedule, but he will be reappearing the week after, so look forward to it!  As for the performances they most wanted to see again, Cho PD and Ken's teams were chosen!

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