Watch the Trailer for Korean Movie ‘Casa Amor; Exclusive for Ladies’

D-Bo , Jan. 9, 2015, 11:05 a.m.

The upcoming Korean movie ‘Casa Amor; Exclusive for Ladies’ is a South Korean sex comedy film directed by Jung Bum-shik, starring Jo Yeo-jeong and Clara.  Beautiful, workaholic Bo-hee is a successful marketing executive at the number one toy company in Korea. Respected by her colleagues and in line for a promotion, she makes an irrevocable mistake that gets her fired from her job. Bo-hee's life further spins out of control when her husband Gang-sung leaves her soon after.

Bo-hee is befriended by her neighbor Nan-hee, an amateur sex expert who runs a sex shop on the brink of bankruptcy called "Casa Amor." Nan-hee's predicament inspires Bo-hee's creativity, and using her background in children's toys, she is determined to save the shop by making its ambiance more refined and by promoting better sex toys.

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