Watch the Trailer for ‘No Tears for the Dead’ Korean Movie

kpopluv, June 5, 2014, 10:32 a.m.

The Korean movie ‘No Tears for the Dead’ is an action drama movie starring actor Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Hee.  The movie synopsis is the following:  After immigrating to America and being abandoned by his own mother, Kon is raised to become a hit man. One day during a job, Kon accidentally kills a young girl and is plagued by guilt over killing an innocent child.

His boss gives the despondent hit man a new job -- to kill the young girl's mother. His new target works as a risk manager at an investment firm. The grief-stricken mother buries herself in her work without knowing that she is in the heart of a dangerous conspiracy.  Check out the trailer below and lets us know your thoughts!~

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