WAYZ Company Denies Claims by Jung Joong Ji in Sexual Harassment controversy

Kyung Ho Kim, July 4, 2017, 11:48 a.m.

The entertainment company WAYZ Company has released a statement denying the allegations by Jung Joong Ji in his sexual harassment scandal. The scandal arose after an allegation of sexual harassment by Jung Joong Gi came to light.  The allegations were that he sexually harassed Han Jong Yeon and Joo Hak Nyeon by touching them inappropriately.  Jung Joong Ji took to social media to share that it was his former entertainment company that had started the rumor to gain more exposure.

WAYZ Company said, "Jeong Joong Ji, who was a trainee at our label, had been in controversy while he was on 'Produce 101' because of a post by a woman who claimed to have received an apology from Jeong Joong Ji after being sexually harassed by him in the past. The label tried to meet the woman who claimed to be the victim to try to objectively find out what had happened. Through Jeong Joong Ji's own intentions, we mediated so they would be able to work out their problems. She accepted his sincere apology and deleted the problematic post.Because of that controversy as well as others, we amicably canceled our contract with Jeong Joong Ji with agreement from both sides back in early May. Even though that was the case, Jeong Joong Ji wrote something completely false on his SNS, and greatly damaged our label's character. We will be taking strict action on spreading false information and defamation of character. We apologize to everyone who had been worried by this situation."

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