‘We Got Married’ Couple Sleepy And Lee Kuk Ju Are Set to Leave The Variety Show

Yoona Choi, April 18, 2017, 10:19 a.m.

Say what!? Recently Sleepy from Untouchable announced that he and Lee Kuk Ju are set to depart from the variety show ‘We Got Married’. Sleepy was recently the special guest of the radio show ‘SBS Power FM Cultwo Show’, where he was able to reveal that he and Lee Kuk Ju are set to leave the show. This was the funniest couple in the show, and it’s sad to see both of them departing.

Sleepy later continued saying that he gained a lot of weight during the filming of ‘We Got Married’. He said it was mostly because he was able to eat a lot of good food during that time span. He said he gained approximately 30 pounds since he was shooting for ‘Real Men’.

How sad are you about their departure? 

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