‘We Got Married’ Super Junior's Heechul and 'wife' Guo Xue Fu’s new photos

Johnson Park, April 16, 2014, 10:57 a.m.

Heecul of Super Junior and ‘wife’ Guo Xue Fu of ‘We Got Married’ shared new couple photos and clip of the two at an amusement park date for the ‘We Got Married – Global Edition’.  Heechul shared on his Instagram, "Everyone, date with not the 2D woman that everyone wants but a real woman. We look like a newlywed couple from the '80s in this photo. Also a couple hairstyle. If I keep patient a little longer and grow it out, my hair will be longer than Xue Fu^-^ Gain strength! My dirty thoughts and hair," which was in reference to a Korean joke hair that grows quickly must be from having a lot of dirty thoughts. 

The two look great and seem to resemble each other’s hairstyles and matching bunny headbands.  Check out the new photos and clip and be sure to stay tuned for more news and updates on koogle.tv

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