'Weekly Idol' To Feature A Pink As Its Special Guest!

Lisa Jeong, June 15, 2017, 4:07 p.m.

Did you hear!? Girl group A Pink is scheduled to be the special guest for the upcoming episode of the popular KPOP variety show 'Weekly Idol'! MBC's very own 'Weekly Idol' is none other than a program where all the famous idol group members appear. A close representative from A Pink has disclosed that the flawless girl group has already commenced filming for the show. Many of the girls are scheduled to appear in order variety shows like 'Running Man', 'A Hyung I Know', 'Give Me a Meal', 'Happy Together', and 'Crime Scene 3'!

The reasoning behind all these promotions is due to the fact that A Pink is set to release a new album on June 26th! Make sure you show your full support for A Pink as they gear for their comeback!  

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