What could Park Bom be listening to?

Jun Ko, June 13, 2018, 3:02 p.m.

On June 13th, Park Bom uploaded a clip of herself listening to undisclosed music onto her Instagram! A lot of fans ended up getting quite excited from this short clip due to its caption: "I started my diet! Also, what do you think I'm listening to?" With Park Bom's prior statement of "I will come back with good music soon", fans believe that Park Bom is listening to her new songs. It definitely made a lot of fans excited for her comeback. 

While some fans are hyped for her eventual comeback, some fans decided to turn their attention on other things. Some of the fans got into a debate in the comments about Park Bom's appearance; some claimed that Park Bom received cosmetic surgery while others refuted by defending her. The debate even reached Park Bom as she had also personally responded to the claims of her getting cosmetic surgery: "this is going to be my last answer on this kind of question... did not..." 

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