What does NS Yoon-G thinks of her own body

Jimmy Pak, April 8, 2014, 10:14 a.m.

In a recent interview with Osen, NS Yoon-G revealed she said her body isn’t as nice as people think it is.  In performer of ‘Yasisi’ said, "My body isn't as nice as most people think. I don't particularly take care to maintain my body either. There was one time that my mom watched a video of me performing at a university and criticized the belly fat that was visible over my high-waisted pants."

NS Yoon-G also said, "When I thought about it, I'd eaten a lot of dak galbi before going on stage. After that, I tried not to eat so much before performing. I like meat a lot more than I like vegetables. Sometimes I eat 5 meals a day... Since I'm so active, I don't really exercise or diet on the side."

Check out the photos and be the judge for yourselves and stay tuned for more news an updates on koogle.tv

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