What does Song Ji Hyo think of her no make-up face?

June Kang, June 29, 2016, 10:37 a.m.

On June 28, talented actress Song Ji Hyo partook in an interview with Hong Kong’s ‘Apply Daily’ where she opened up on her thoughts on her own bare face! The interviewer opened up the question with, “You’re nickname is ‘the bare-face goddess’. Do you find your own bare face pretty?”

The humble actress couldn’t help but be a bit shy as she carefully answered the question, stating, “I don’t think of my bare face as pretty. I do feel the difference between when I’m wearing makeup, but I prefer going out comfortably without makeup rather than getting dolled up. I’m the type that value comfort over my appearance.”

The starlet also shared her secret to her fabulous skin, relaying, “I sleep a lot. As I get older, I think to myself that I can’t not take care of my skin. Seeing as how it’s summer, I thoroughly put on sunscreen and put a lot of care into cleansing.”

Ugh, Song Ji Hyo is flawless!
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