What Gifts Do South Koreans Give for Chuseok?

kpride, Sept. 4, 2015, 10:10 a.m.

Department stores and large retailers are launching gift sets for Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving holiday, that range from socks going for 2,800 won to 33 million won wine sets. Though the holiday is a symbol of richness, the polarization in the prices of the gift sets reflects a bitter reality.

According to LOTTE department store, the product that showed the biggest difference among the holiday gift sets was wine. The ‘Leloy Gift Set’, which is a six-bottle wine set from the Leloy vineyard in Bourgogne, is priced at 33 million won. The cheapest wine product is KY wine from Chile, which is 25,000 won.

Gift sets of Hanwoo (Korean beef), dried yellowtail fish, and dried anchovies also varied in price. In some cases, the expensive products were 50 times more expensive than the cheapest ones. The product that showed the smallest difference in price was fruit, with prices ranging from 75,000 won to 135,000 won. Compared to the department stores, gift sets at large grocery stores or retailers were cheaper. Hanwoo gifts sets were being sold at prices ranging from 188,000 won to 330,000 won. The all-time favorite gift sets consisting of shampoo, soaps, cans of ham and tuna also had reasonable prices under 20,000 won.

Song Hyun-min, a buyer for LOTTE department store, gave some tips on how to select the most suitable gift set. “Even if the products are from the same group, the price differs based on quality, quantity, size and other standards. So consumers should check the standard that decides the price in order to find a reasonable gift set that matches their needs.” In the meantime, delivery services are gearing up for logistics transportation increases before the Chuseok holidays.


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