What is Irene From Red Velvet's Ideal Type?

Erica Jung, Aug. 1, 2017, 4 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what Red Velvet's Irene's ideal type of guy has ever been!? Well lucky for everyone who's ever been wondering! During a recent airing of MBC's very own 'Oppa Thoughts', Irene gave viewers and netizens all over the world a hint to her ideal type of guy! Irene initially stated that instead of an individual's physical appearance, she is more attracted by that person's personality. If an individual is kind and has a big heart!

During the show, Irene was also asked if she had the contact of Park Bo Gum, since she has worked with him on 'Music Bank', to which she replied no. Rapper DinDin's name also came up and Irene said she was ultimately flattered that DinDin complimented her. She was then also asked if she had DinDin's contact, to which she replied no.

Attention all nice individuals! You now have a chance! 

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