Wheesung and Ailee Show Harmonization Skills for "Kiss" from the "WS Duet" Project

Maximiliano VCHK, Feb. 12, 2015, 11:24 a.m.

Wheesung revealed the fourth collaboration track from his "WS Duet" project, which features a beautiful and talented artist that he has been mentoring, Ailee! The track "Kiss" is a medium tempo track that features a neo-soul sound. The track was composed by Kim Tae Wan and written by Wheesung himself.

The song sings about the conversation between a couple who is in love with each other. This isn't Ailee and Wheesung's first collaboration track together, and the pair's past experience definitely shows as they deliver a perfect harmonization, and some very sweet and cute lyrics just in time for Valentine's Day!

Be sure to listen to the collaboration track above here at Koogle.tv!

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