Wheesung believed to be the celebrity involved in drug scandal with TV personality Amy!

Yumi Kim, April 17, 2019, 1:54 p.m.

It's been revealed that R&B singer Wheesung has decided to cancel his concert. On April 17, the organizer of Wheesung and K.Will's 'Bromance Show' announced the concert, which was originally scheduled for May 4-5, has been canceled due to "an inevitable situation."  Wheesung has been rumored to be the male celebrity who used drugs with Amy in the past. 

TV personality Amy shared a post following Wheesung's official denial on the drug rumors. She claimed a male celebrity was with her and also consumed the drugs and even blackmailed her with sex tapes. Wheesung's label spoke up and denied the rumors, but stated he will receive punishment if there is a video proving Amy's claims. Following the agency's official statement, Amy posted on Instagram, "Can you handle it?"  The post has since been deleted but many netizens believe Wheesung is the celebrity involved in the scandal. 

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