Which Korean Celebrities Became Friends in School?

Nicholas Kim, March 29, 2016, 8:24 a.m.

Just like everyone, celebrities have long-lasting friendships and some of them start at school. On Sunday, tvN program “The List 2016” unveiled a list of stars with friends from school, surprising the public with unexpected combinations.

Park Shin-hye & Kang Ha-neul


Hallyu star Park Shin-hye and Kang Ha-neul are extremely close friends, both having graduated from Chung-Ang University with the same major.

According to Kang, the two did campus activities together while attending school. Their friendship continued, with Kang visiting Park’s anniversary party and Park always promoting his films on her social network accounts.

Ha Seok Jin & Jang Geun-suk

Actor Ha Seok-jin, who fits perfectly into the saying “smart is the new sexy,” attended Hanyang University as a mechanical engineering major. Surprisingly, Jang Geun-suk majored in acting at the same school. However, with no dramas filmed together, it was almost impossible for the two to build up a relationship.


But the two met each other by chance at school one day. Afterward, they built on the friendship by taking classes together and watching girls on campus. From 2009 to 2010, they even managed to run a bar at the school festival named “Lounge H.”

Ha and Jang extended their relationship after graduation, with Jang staying by Ha’s side at the time of his father’s death.


Tiffany & Jessi

Tiffany of Girl’s Generation and rapper Jessi turned out to have been best friends for over 12 years. The two attended the same middle and high school since grade 9, and have carried on their friendship until now.

Despite their contrasting looks, they heavily relied on each other back in the early days of their careers, as both of them had difficulties adapting to Korean culture. 


The two are expected to show off their friendship in the new KBS reality show “Sister’s Slam Dunk (working title)” set to air in April.

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