Which Male Idols Fit the 'First Love' Look?

S. Jin, Oct. 21, 2015, 3:26 p.m.

Everyone's first love is a special memory that's cherished and looked back on, even years after - especially for ladies! Maybe your first love was the cute guy at school who was the perfect combination of good-looking, smart, and sporty? Or perhaps it was your mom's friend's son or your best friend's older brother, and they made you feel like this:

Whoever it was, one's first love is someone from their past that many people consider to be pretty particular. Especially in Korean culture, it seems that people take the idea of one's "first love" pretty seriously! You see it as the premise in dramas or at the pit of conflicts in movies. I mean, a person's first love, although from the past, is the one that hold the main character back from 100% committing to their person of the present in the first half of a K-drama series - so, yeah, that's pretty significant.

"I know you two are gonna end up together, but WHY are you putting me through this heartache. WHY!?"

They're even brought up during variety shows or interviews, when most Korean celebrities get asked to share the story of their first love. It's almost like an initiation ceremony for rookie K-pop idols who make their first appearances on talk shows - alongside the discussions of ideal types and random dance battles (even if they can't dance).

Although one's preference and attraction is subjective to each individual, Koreans seem to have a pattern or stereotype when it comes to their first love. Summed up to three common types, Korean females' first loves include, but are not limited to: 1) the older oppa, whether it's the sunbae (senior) from school, the nice guy from church, or an older family member of your friend's, 2) the cute, same-aged friend from your childhood for whom your feelings suddenly developed from platonic to romantic (because for whatever reason, you never noticed how beautiful they were until that moment your hands simultaneously touched and BAM! you were in love), and 3) the younger guy, who you deemed a "child" until you realized he took care of you like an oppa and had that "older guy" charm.

...At least, that's what K-dramas have told me! Let's check out which male K-pop idols fit the "first love" look!

1. ZE:A - Hyungsik

Hyungsik fits the image of a wealthy heir (a role he's already played in 'High Society') whom I shouldn't love because I'm but a peasant girl, and we're just from two totally different worlds. *dramatically walks away whilst holding back tears*

2. BEAST - Doojoon

I feel like Doojoon could wrap his big, strong arms around me, and make me feel like everything will be alright.


L is that unrealistically cute guy at school that's super hard to approach, but when you do, he's actually really sweet and caring and talented and what is life..

4. BTS - Jin

I am a firm believer that Jin is one of those guys that are extremely attractive, but also have a heart of gold... and he looks like he gives good hugs. How does perfection like this even exist?

5. EXO - Chanyeol

"Yes, Chanyeol, you may take me to prom in that handsome suit."

6. VIXX - Hongbin

How even dare you smile and wink at me like that? Ugh..

7. B.A.P - Youngjae

Why didn't I look this cute with chubby cheeks?

8. SHINee - Minho

Minho reminds me of the cutiepie class president, like he's really straight-edge and clean-cut, but there's a major appeal in that.

9. GOT7 - Jr.

I wouldn't necessarily say Jr. has the "bad boy" look, but I can imagine him being the slightly dangerous high school sweetheart.

10. WINNER - Jinwoo

So chic when he's not smiling, but so adorable when he does!

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