Who Are the Top Celebrity CEO’s?

Paul Lee, July 21, 2016, 10:03 a.m.

Korea's celebrities are known for their various talents, and their tendencies to branch out into many different types of industries during their careers. Myeongdan Gonggae 2016, a TV program aired on tvN, listed on Monday the top eight celebrity CEOs who are considered good employers as following: 

1. Kang Ho-dong
2. Park Jin-young
3. Kim Heung-gook
4. Seo Jang-hoon
5. Jang Soo-won
6. Park Myeong-su
7. Lim Chang-jeong
8. Jay Park 

Kang Ho-dong

The first was Kang Ho-dong, a TV host and comedian. He was the MC for “Strong Heart,” a talk show that aired on SBS from 2009 to 2013. He is currently the MC for “Star King,” a show on SBS. Kang runs approximately 280 restaurants, some of which have branches abroad. Kang is deemed a good employer because he cleans off oil from the cooking devices free of charge for the owners of the franchise restaurants.

Park Jin-young

Second was Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment, the home agency of K-pop groups such as Twice, GOT7, 2PM, 2AM. and Miss A. Park had debuted as a singer in 1993 at the age of 22 and opened JYP Entertainment four years later. It is said that Park sees his trainees for who they are as a person, not for their popularity or revenue. 

Kim Heung-gook

Third was Kim Heung-gook, a Korean singer and chairman of Korea Singers Association. He dips into his own money to support relatively unknown singers or those in financial need. Kim has made the membership fee for the association voluntary instead of mandatory. 

Park Myeong-su

Sixth is Park Myeong-su, a Korean comedian and a cast member of “Infinite Challenge,” an entertainment program aired on KBS. Park has been complimented for his good deeds. 

In 2009 Park provided 1.5 million won ($1,300) to help a college student, who worked part-time at his chicken eatery, pay his tuition fee. The student was hesitating on whether he should take a semester off due to financial difficulties. Park gave the student 1.5 million won in addition to the latter‘s monthly pay so that the student could continue his studies the following semester. 

Jay Park

Eighth is Jay Park, a Korean rapper and co-CEO of hip hop record label AOMG. He bought every employee a gold necklace with his own money.

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