Who Are The Women In Psy's Music Video?

Olivia Jung, May 23, 2017, 9:45 a.m.

Son Na-eun is basking in the glowing limelight of the “Psy effect” since her appearance in the singer’s music video for “New Face.” The Apink member is being bombarded with requests for advertisements and photo shoots, her agency Plan A Entertainment said Tuesday. The music video for “New Face” has reached over 3 million views on YouTube since its May 10 release. Son stars in it as the poker-faced subject of Psy’s fervent advances.

Other female K-pop singers and actresses who have starred in Psy’s videos include HyunA, whose dance sequence in the renowned “Gangnam Style” video won the songstress worldwide fame.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain starred in the video for “Gentleman” as Psy’s seductive partner in crime.

CL made an appearance in the video for “Daddy.” CL is also featured in the song, rapping the hook “Where d’you get your body from?”

Long before Psy gained international fame with “Gangnam Style,” actress Seo Woo appeared in the video for “Right Now.”

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