Who is Park Hae-jin's role model?

Chloe Park, April 12, 2016, 10:30 a.m.

Park Hae-jin revealed that his role model is Cho Jin-woong, in an interview with a Chinese fashion magazine. “I’ve filmed a drama with him in the past and he has undoubtedly flawless acting skills. Over the years, I have improved a bit while Cho still continues his high-quality acting. I really wish I can work with him soon,” he said.

His agency Mountain Movement Entertainment, also released a couple of shots from the photo shoot conducted right before the interview. Park stole the hearts of fans once again, dressed in a casual but fashionable outfit.

Park Hae-jin is scheduled to hold a fan meeting on April 23 in Seoul, to celebrate his 10th anniversary as an actor.

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