Why do idol members go solo?

Charles Kim, March 1, 2017, 9:59 a.m.

Taeyeon released a new solo album on Tuesday, with her new single “Fine” already taking over local music charts. She has continued to show off her vocal talent through her own albums -- but not as a member of Girl’s Generation.

Other idol members are also going solo with albums or by appearing in dramas or movies. But, why are so many group members opting for individual success? We answer the important questions below.

- Why are they opting for solo success?

As idol groups usually consist of more than five members, it can be hard for them to act as a group all together. Members are busy as they have individual schedules in dramas, movies and even musicals.

- Who has survived as a solo artist?

Suzy of Miss A is a star example of when going solo goes right. She has been appearing in numerous dramas and movies and steadily releases solo EPs. She has also taken over the advertisement model market modeling everything from jewelry to bags.

For a male idols, Henry of Super Junior-M is a star who has made a significant presence by going as a solo. By handling instruments such as piano and violin, he has shown off his musical talent on entertainment programs.

- What is important when going solo?

If the group is more popular, there are more chances that the member will be successful as a solo artist. Groups such as Girl’s Generation attract attention. Anything a member from the group does will be in the spotlight. One can still have a chance even though the group might not be popular. Cheng Xiao of WJSN is an example.

Even if the members belong in the same group, the outcome can be different depending on each member’s popularity. For instance, while Seolhyun dominated the advertising market last summer, other members of AoA did not receive so much attention.

Being successful as a group is an important goal for an idol member. In the end, however, every star wants to make a name for themselves. Every idol member wants to be a star. For some, going solo could be the only answer.

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