Why is EXID Crying on JTBC’s ‘Crime Scene’

D-Bo, May 21, 2015, 12:41 p.m.

On the latest episode of JTBC’s ‘Crime Scene’, EXID Hani became emotional after being accused of being the murderer.  The show is based off hypothetical murder mystery scenario where cast members must try and solve the murder mystery of ‘Cruise Murder’. 

Hani, who is playing the part of a cabin attendant, is accused of being the murderer after it is suggested that she may be the daughter of the victim, Captain Goo. When the whole cast starts to suspect her of the crime, she denies it, saying, “My father is a musician.”

When the cast don’t believe her and continue to accuse her of the crime, she sheds tears, saying, “It’s really not me.”  Kang Min Hyuk, who is softened by Hani’s tears, ends up choosing Jang Dong Min as the murderer.

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