Why was Yoo Seung Ho afraid of EXO's Xiumin?

Kyongeun Park, June 21, 2016, 11:15 a.m.

On June 21, the cast and director of 'Kim Sun Dal' joined together for a press preview of the film at the CGV Theater in Seoul, where actor Yoo Seung Ho hilariously shared his first impression of castmate EXO's Xiumin! The talented thespian expressed that he was initially afraid of the singer-turned-actor.

Yoo Seung Ho explained, "When I first saw Xiumin, I didn't think he was older than me. I thought he was my junior, however, it turned out that he's actually three years odler than me! I was a bit afraid [of his looks] because of his sharply slanted eyes."

However, despite being taken aback by Xiumin's strong features, Yoo Seung Ho shared that after getting to know the idol further, Xiumin was actually very friendly, like a "neighborhood hyung". He shared, "As I spoke with him more, [Xiumin's] sharp eyes turned into eyes full of mischief! Like a friendly neighborhood hyung, he really likes to play around and has a bright personality. I think that because he acted as a younger brother full of aegyo [on the set of the film], I was able to act more comfortably as the older brother."

We're looking forward to seeing Xiumin and Yoo Seung Ho play brothers on the silver screen!

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