Will United Nations Chief Ban Ki Moon Run for South Korean Presidency?

luvsmiling, May 29, 2015, 10:23 a.m.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon could try his luck in the presidential elections two years hence, Foreign Policy magazine speculates. Under the headline "President Ban Ki-moon? UN Secretary-General Pivots Back to Asia," it said on its website, "Ban Ki-moon says he is not interested in running for the [Korean] presidency. The polls say he is the front-runner."

The magazine cites several political moves during his recent trip to Korea that seemed calculated to raise his profile in his home country. With his second term ending late next year, Ban is saying he has no presidential ambitions. But he was treated like a potential president when he was in Seoul last week, the magazine adds.

Pollsters have included Ban in their presidential straw polls, and the media focused on suspected corruption involving his relatives. Both ruling and opposition parties are wooing him to their fold. 

Quoting a recent opinion poll conducted by Hangil Research, the magazine says Ban has emerged as the most popular politician in Korea with a 39.7 approval rating in straw polls, way ahead of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon (13.5 percent). So far no other viable candidate has emerged.

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