Will you be attending BTS' '2018 BTS Prom Party'?

Jun Ko, June 6, 2018, 11:21 a.m.

It was announced that BTS will be holding a small event for 5th Generation fanclub members! The prom party will be a part of their '2018 BTS Festa', an annual event done to celebrate the anniversary of their debut (June 13th). They'll be holding their prom party at the BlueSquare iMarket Hall on June 13th at 8PM! As the event is meant to be small, the tickets will only be available for 5th Generation fanclub members to purchase. The event will be broadcasted live on their 'V+' 'V'live channel for the members that aren't able to make the event. 

Are you excited for their '2018 BTS Festa'? 

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