Will you be the last winner of ‘K-pop Star’?

Hannah Kim, July 22, 2016, 11:37 a.m.

SBS’ ‘K-pop Star’ is back for its sixth season and also its final, as the season hints it by labeling it as “the last chance”. Being as it’s their last, it may be the biggest ever with the stakes even much higher!

Previously, the winner of the audition program had the choice of choosing which label to join – YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Antenna Music. However, the rule has been changed where the winner will now be produced by all three labels and have a debut song from each label, resulting in the greatest honor for the winner to experience three different styles from each.

The audition locations and dates have been revealed on the official SBS site. The auditions will take place in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Australia.

Will you join along the legendary line-up of past ‘K-pop Star’ winners such as Jimin Park, Akdong Musician, Bernard Park, Katie Kim, and Soo Jung Lee?

To find out the specific dates and locations for the auditions and to fill out the application form, go to http://program.sbs.co.kr/builder/programCustom.do?pgm_id=22000009540&pgm_build_id=17004&pgm_mnu_id=43846

Good luck!

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