WINNER Asked About Recent YG Troubles & Future Music Plans

BanSeok Shin, May 16, 2019, 10:32 a.m.

On May 15th WINNER released their newest mini album ‘WE’ with the title track ‘Ah Yeah’ which has made it to the top of multiple real-time music charts. The day after the album’s release the group sat down for an interview, during which they were asked about how the recent controversies surrounding their label, YG Entertainment, affected the group members amid comeback plans.


The members responded, “We don’t think we were affected much by it.” Kang Seung Yoo stated, “We tend to just go straight to the recording studios to work. It’s not that we were stressed or pressured, instead we just immersed ourselves in our work because we wanted to let fans listen to our songs as quickly as possible. In regard to the chaotic situation, we didn’t get any special instructions. We were often told, ‘Just go your own way and prepare.’ Because of that, we could fully commit to our work. Actually, I think we could comeback in this way because we didn’t receive any pressure.”

The group did reveal, however, that Yang Hyun Suk had an encouraging response to ‘Ah Yeah’ with a positive review of the song and noting how the members’ hard work shows in the song.

When the topic of their future music came up Song Min Ho had this to say, “We want to release a WINNER album in the second half of 2019. If possible, our goal is to combine the two albums and make a third studio album.”

Congratulations and kudos to WINNER for the hard work they put into their great album!

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