WINNER Reveals Plans for Summer Comeback

Jay Yim, April 26, 2019, 4:54 p.m.

WINNER is aiming for a comeback this summer.

WINNER attended the welcoming ceremony of the '2019 Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo, Bangkok on April 26th, which they were appointed the ambassador for.

Kang Seung Yoon said, "We will work hard as the ambassador. We feel greater responsibility as K-pop artists. We will work even harder."

He also hinted at WINNER's full group comeback. Kang said, We will be making a comeback with a new album in the near future. I think you might be able to meet our new songs around the time of the expo. If the dates fit," and added, "Please also look forward to this. We will become WINNER who isn't a shame to our title of Korean ambassadors."

2019 KBEE, Bangkok is scheduled to take place this summer in June.

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