WINNER reveals their thoughts on contract renewals

Jun Ko, May 17, 2019, 2:29 p.m.

During their interview with Sports DongA for their recent comeback album 'WE', WINNER spoke up about the current state of their contracts with YG Entertainment as they are slowly approaching the end of their contract. The contracts for idol groups typically last up to seven years and with WINNER being in their sixth year, the topic of their contract renewal becomes a hot one. 

Lee Seung Hoon: "We are in our 6th year but we still have a lot of time before talking about contract renewals. I'm not concerned because our members openly share their opinions on a regular basis. We want to protect the group WINNER in any way possible. We want to stay together if possible. Throughout the past 5 years, we continuously won #1 with our title songs. We are lucky and fortunate people. We still have a lot to go. This album is a new start for WINNER. I don't know how far we will get but I think we should just keep going straight." 

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